Question and Answers!

Children LOVE sharing information about themselves.  Using their innate sharing mentality teachers can easily assess the singing voice.  Sometimes at the beginning of class I take attendance by singing questions and answers to the students.  I can sing, “What will you be for Halloween?” Each student sings their answer after I sing their name.

Teacher sings: “Amy, What will you be for Halloween?”

Amy, “ghost!”

Teacher, “Robert.”

Robert, “vampire.”

You get the drift! I always allow a “pass” option or an, “I don’t know,” as long as they use their singing voice. 

The point of this is to allow the children to share with you.  The more they share the more they will open up and feel comfortable in your classroom, especially if you don’t see your children very often.  This is a nice way for the children to have time bonding with each other and the teacher while you can quickly assess the singing voice.

How do you assess your children’s singing voice? Comment below!

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