Instrument Game

I stumbled upon this website the other day while looking for materials to help me teach instruments of the orchestra.

This is web-based game all about The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra. It is incredible!  There is history about the work, detailed descriptions of the instruments, and a game that takes children through each instrument that is about how it’s put together, what it uses to make sound, and what kinds of sounds they make!  I created a log-in for each class and used it when I was out as a sub plan.  The substitute was able to pull the game up on the smartboard and the children were engaged the whole time.  Children have been requesting to finish it in each class!  Each log-in saves the game when you quit so that you can pick it back up at a later time.  I’m now using it as a reward for good behavior.  My self-contained 2-6th grade autistic class loves it too!  Check it out!

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