“Who has the penny?”

This is a fun little singing game that most children love! Have the students sit in self space around the room.  They each put out a hand (like they are asking for money) and close their eyes (peekers don’t get picked).  The teacher walks around the room and puts a penny in a students hand.  The teacher then sings, “Who has the penny?”  The student with the penny sings, “I do!” or “I have the penny!” The students who DON’T have the penny have to guess who has the penny.  The student with the penny is now the picker and can walk around to drop the penny in a classmates hand.  There are tons of variations to this game.  I often leave it as one of my games that substitutes can play with the children.  The children can run the game just fine by themselves.

Considerations for easy management:  Peekers don’t get picked, If you sing in someone else’s turn then that counts as your turn and you don’t get another, and last but not least- If you’ve had a turn you can still play but you put your hand in your lap instead of out.

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