Idea inspired by our clinician Laurie Zentz

A South Florida Orff member, Michelle Rock from Dade County, was inspired by Laurie Zentz’s amazing workshop and created a flip chart of a heart chart (complete with hearts, and all) for use on computer (I will use it with the Smart Board).  You can email Michelle at and she will send you the file.

In order to view the file you must download a program from the internet at

This is site designed for teachers.  There is a WEALTH of information here with lesson plan ideas, charts, materials, etc…

  1. Go to
  2. Go to the “lesson plan” tab
  3. Look at the right of the page and click on flip chart viewer
  4. Scroll down and accept the terms of agreement.
  5. Download and install the program

This is a great resource! Thanks Michelle!

Members- thanks for you contributions! I have one already on deck for Monday.  Please remember to check back daily and feel free to post comments about lessons, ideas, etc… Comments are not only welcomed, but encouraged!

Happy Orffing!

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