Another Laurie Zentz Inspired Idea

At the Laurie Zentz workshop we learned a poem:

Doctor Pepper when to town,

Coca Cola knocked him down.

Pepsi Cola picked him up while

drinking a bottle of Seven Up!

**this is found on page 5 from your workshop  handouts**

We also played a drum piece using the words to the popular children’s rhyme: “Double, double this this. Double Double that that, Double this, Double that, Double double this that”

Angie Gonzalez from Dade shared these adaptations.  If you have questions, please email her at

She writes:

I do the poem and they walk around. When the poem finishes they freeze. Then I played a different interval for each movemente D_G for one knee, D_A for two knees and so forth. I remembered that the instructor said to make connections. When I talk about intervals, I can refer to what they already know.

Since I don’t have drums, we are playing with our palms. As we play double double this this, they group into 2, then 3, then 4 and I put the equation on the board each time to review multiplication. One teacher thought I was a genious. I said to her music is magic. Just kidding.


Thanks for sharing Angie! 🙂

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