Basketball Warm-up!

Bethany’s question at the end of her post from yesterday prompted me to share one short little idea for you regarding vocal exploration and older students.

Most of us can find easy and fun ways to help our little ones find their head voice.  The challenge lies with helping the older children (especially boys ranging from 3-5 graders) find their head voices.

I found a quick and fun warm-up activity that explores head voice.

 Basketball Warm-up:  This is done with mirroring (Teacher facing Students)

Students stand and face the teacher with knees slightly bent.  Students pretend to bounce a (pretend) basketball with the teacher, breathing a “ha” with each bounce.  When the teacher aims the students aim- as though they are aiming a basketball, then the teacher shoots and the students follow!  While the “ball” arcs through the air the students follow the arc with their voices in a “oo” sound.  The Teacher cuts the students off (using a correct cut off gesture) the students all say “swish!”  It’s a total blast! Change up the length of the “ooo’s” for variety.

It will sound something like this:

ALL:  “ha, ha,  ha, ha, ha”

T: “AIM!” (Students Aim)

T: (shoots) and all make an “oooo” in manner of an arc

ALL: “Swish” as the teacher cuts off.

Michelle Berra (

President, South Florida Orff

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  1. Love this!

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