Roller Coaster

Here is another vocal exploration activity that is enjoyed by all students.  This is fantastic for the little ones as they can explore high and low. As the students get older they enjoy creating these roller coasters.  After students are very good at creating vocal roller coasters I let them transfer to the barred instruments for a nice creative and exploratory “treat.”

Somewhere along the lines someone gave me a bunch of cards that have graphic notation of different sirens.  These cards happen to have words attached to parts of the line but yours do not.  I don’t use the words with the little ones. These cards are simply a visual of what different sirens could look like.  You can create your own!  These are just a few then chained together.

I allow the students to create their own vocal roller coasters with different cards.

Transfer to the barred instruments is a real treat! Student love to create an alternate aural representation of the vocal roller coasters. You can play these with glissandi or actually allow the children to use the line as a guide for a melody that has a starting and stopping point.

I’ve done the transfer with my afterschool Orff club (grades K-4) and they are having a blast! I’ll be adding the transfer to my curriculum – eh- maybe next week! I need something new… 🙂

Michelle Berra

President, South Florida Orff

3 responses to “Roller Coaster

  1. Viv Murray also taught us to use balloons. Blow it up and as it deflates the students make the path of the balloon with their voice.

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