Fun Cannon!

Cannons are a great tools to help your students develop part independence.  Cannons to sing or cannons to play are rewarding for children and sound interesting to children’s ears.  I find that my students think it sounds “harder” or more advanced when they perform something in cannon and they LOVE it!  It feels good to sing and play in cannon.

I came across a cannon online that my students have enjoyed singing.

It’s an old folk tune- (do = quarter note on do, do-do=eighth notes on do, DO=half note on do)

do, re, mi, fa, mi, re, DO,

mi, fa, sol, la, sol, la, MI,

do (rest) do (rest) do (rest) do (rest)

do-do, re-re, mi-mi, fa-fa, mi, re, do (rest).

I teach this using solfege.  I change the key, tempo, articulation, and dynamics to allow the students to hear what a difference little changes make.

Students have enjoyed writing their own lyrics to go with this cannon.  My chorus students had to sing for a “Dad’s Breakfast” on one day’s notice at the very beginning of last year.  Since we didn’t have any repertoire ready to perform I allowed the students to add text to the cannon (they could change the rhythm within reason).  We got some GREAT pieces written by students!  Here is one example…

I love my dad, he’s the best!

So much better than the rest!

He loves me so,

I think he’s the greatest dad I know! ( ta, ta, ti-ti, ti-ti, ta, ta, ta, rest)

Michelle Berra,

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