Process for Teaching the Round- unision

I taught the round from yesterday’s post using a backwards phrase-wise approach.  Many times music teachers will start from the beginning and echo sing songs from the beginning as a teaching process.  I found that my students were able to do that without a challenge and they needed me to change it up.  I started teaching things in a backwards phrase-wise approach just to make them think a little more.

For beginners- a backwards phrase-wise approach:

1.  Have the students listen while  you sing through the round one time and count the phrases.

2.  Sing the round again and tell the students that they are to listen to the ending phrase.

3.  Tell the students that they are going to be responsible for singing the ending phrase after you have sung the beginning phrases.  You may need to repeat step one so that they are prepared.  Repeat as necessary until they can sing the ending.

3.  Keep adding the phrases 4, 3+4, 2+3+4, entire song in unison.

This is a nice way to change things up in the classroom to keep our minds and voices fresh!


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