Meet the Rhythm Instruments-video!

I received a wonderful email from Alice Kincey, a music therapist, from Dade County.

Alice writes:

Michelle, I was inspired by the Orff training w/ Patrick Ware to write chants and take photos of rhythm instruments for my students. I work with students with significant Intellectual Disabilities (formerly know and Profoundly Mentally Handicapped).  After taking photos and writing a script, I put this together using Windows Movie Maker. The students just loved it! I wanted to share it with the group.  Have a great afternoon.  Alice “K”.

See and click on the link below for attachment Manager:!yjaZVlJVUpMDSXWPtlfsQg4~!n07IGvCdt9HN&app=AttachmentManager

Alice C. Kincey, Music Therapist

Thanks for Sharing Alice!! Truly great material! If for some reason you are having a hard time opening the link, email me and I’ll send you the attachment.

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