Orff Echo

The Orff Echo is the Quarterly Journal put out to all members of AOSA.  I find so many great ideas, articles, and reviews from this journal.   It’s a great perk of joining at the National level.

Here is a sampling of articles in the Winter 2009 Journal. Send me an email a mberra@dadeschools.net if you are interested in reading any of these articles.  I have an extra copy!

Fall 2009

Table of Contents of the Fall, 2009 Orff Echo


3 responses to “Orff Echo

  1. My latest podcast is on holiday music.
    We do the Jingle Bell mixer, play Jingle Bells on Boomwackers and hand jive to Linus and Lucy.


  2. Sorry about posting the holiday stuff under the Orff Echo. I meant to post it under the holiday banner, but concerning the Echo articles, I found it amusing that one of the strongest articles was advocating not using technology! Much of technology is geared for single student use and not group use. This is great for composing and review and drill, but not so great for creating music with a group. Our latest tech toy at my school is Air Slates. The problem with this technology is that only one student at a time can use it. The other students can just observe and wait for a turn. It’s not a bad remote mouse, but I’d rather have seen the money spent for tech that envolves all students actively at the same time.

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