Guest Post: Classroom Chronicle by Don Dupont & Brian Hiller

I attended a few sessions at FMEA led by clinicians Don Dupont and Brian Hiller.  The sessions we amazing! These gentlemen are master educators and musicians.  If you ever have a chance to see them at a conference, take the opportunity.  Don and Brian were so kind as to offer a guest post for the day! 

Thought of the day by Don Dupont & Brian Hiller

Classroom Chronicle

There is a wonderful African proverb:
If you can walk you can dance!
If you can talk you can sing!
We display this prominently in our classrooms.
It lets the students know that the music room is a
place where all are invited to create and make music,

regardless of ability or talent. It sends a message

 that every student is a valuable contributor

 to the music-making process.


Excerpt from Make a Joyful Sound by Don Dupont & Brian Hiller

Copyright 2007 Memphis Musicraft Publications.  Used by permission.


To learn more about Don Dupont and Brian Hiller visit:


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