Inspired by Feierabend . . .

As you can tell, I’m enjoying incorporating many of John Feierabend’s ideas in to my classroom.  In his material, “Conversational Solfege,” he includes many listening activities.  For instance, he has a page with the rhythm of the piece, “Can-can.”  (I have the Offenbach version). Students listen to the song and speak the rhythm as the song goes on.

I used this idea but modified it to meet the needs of my students.  I put the rhythm of the first 4 measures of the theme on the board ( (I have the Offenbach version).) and said to repeat it 4 times (it’s a *little* different from the original but close enough for my purposes).  I did the same for the second general pattern (again, not exactly the same but matched my needs).  For the 3rd part I simply let the children conduct in 2/4.  They liked playing conductor. 🙂

Here are some pictures:

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