Orff Schulwerk and Arts Education

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Orff Schulwerk and Arts Education Education in the arts develops expressive individuals who possess vital problem-solving skills.Arts education equips children to live in an ever-changing, diverse society and to work cooperatively with their neighbors and colleagues. The arts cross ethnic lines, age groups and belief systems. Arts education cultivates the creative expression and sturdy, independent thinking our children need.

The Orff Schulwerk approach to music and movement education fosters this innovative process in students. Music educators trained in the Orff approach give their students musical building blocks to express themselves in speech, song, movement and playing instruments. Through immersion in exploration and imitation, students learn how to create their own compositions.  The teacher is then no longer the director but rather the knowing facilitator in the multi-faceted, experiential process.

In an increasingly technological society, it has become easy to avoid interaction with others altogether. Through the Internet we order anything we want, take classes, conduct business and communicate with one another – all without ever speaking or meeting another person face to face. The unifying qualities of Orff Schulwerk hold the promise of reconnection for our students in such a world. It nurtures students’ relationship with the natural world and to humanity. It recognizes and develops the artist within each student.

 The American Orff-Schulwerk Association The American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA) is a professional organization of music andmovement educators dedicated to the creative teaching approach developed by Carl Orff and Gunild Keetman. We are united by our belief that learning about music—learning to sing and play, to hear and understand, to move and create—should be an active and joyful experience.

Our mission is:

• to demonstrate the value of Orff Schulwerk and promote its widespread use,

• to support the professional development of our members, and

• to provide a forum for the continued growth and understanding of Orff Schulwerk that reflects the diversity in contemporary American society.

Founded in 1968, membership in the American Orff-Schulwerk Association has grown to include 5,000 music educators, musicians and related professionals. AOSA fosters the utilization of the Orff Schulwerk approach through a vibrant professional development program that sponsors hundreds of workshops in 96 local AOSA chapters across the United States each year and through more than 60 certified Teacher Training programs across the country.

AOSA Membership AOSA provides its members a forum in which they can connect with other professionals whobelieve in active, joyful music-making. By creating an atmosphere of spontaneity and musical discovery for adults—through an annual conference, publications, and a professional development program—AOSA models Orff Schulwerk to inspire its members. These educators then return to their classrooms better equipped to share their students’ Orff Schulwerk experience.

The AOSA National Conference, located in a different city each year, offers four days of learning, networking, and collaborative opportunities to the 1,500 individuals who attend. The hands-on, high energy conference is full of content that teachers bring directly back to the classroom. Meeting face-to-face with other Orff Schulwerk practitioners provides a unique opportunity for renewal and growth.

The Orff EchoSchulwerk in its diversity.

news and shares classroom tools for teachers. The

leaders at the chapter level.

AOSA awards numerous scholarships and grants to members and to their schools. Members

receive discounts on AOSA-published books, annual national conference attendance and rentals

from an archive of video recordings.

AOSA’s scholarly journal, publishes research and describes the practice of theReverberations, the membership newsletter, provides membership Advisory Leadership Letter offers guidance to

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