Valentine’s Day – part 3 – game

After you’ve taught the song (see the previous posts by looking at the right of the page and clicking on valentine’s Day part 1, or part 2) this is how we play the game! This game is a la “duck duck goose.”

  • Students sit in a circle.
  • Teacher walks on the macro beat around the circle while holding a “Valentine.”  I use a cut out of a heart or sometimes I will use a children’s valentine that they have given to me. This is the mailman part.
  • Students put hands behind their backs as if it were a “mailbox.”
  •  When the song get’s to “door” as in “put it underneath the door” the teacher slips the valentine into a child’s hand and they play a la “duck duck goose.” No matter who “wins” the student who was the chaser gets to be the new mailman.
  • The teacher sits and joins the circle but pats their lap as the mailman starts the delivery. Other students keep hands behind their backs to get a turn.  When a student has already had a turn to be the mailman they pat their lap with the teacher to reinforce beat.

Classroom management tips:

  • music class “run” is on your tip toes. 🙂 not as fun but safer.
  • it doesn’t matter if they get caught or not- the chaser gets the next turn no matter what.
  • “If you have had a turn then you pat your lap, if you haven’t had a turn put your hands behind your back!”  We chant this after EVERY turn so that the mailman can deliver it to people who haven’t had a turn.

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