The Arts

A friend and fellow teacher sent me this article.  Please click on the link below and it will open.  I know that many of you see articles posted frequently about arts advocacy.  It is critical that we, arts educators, read the articles that are “out there” not only so that we know the current writings on the topic but so that we are better able to ARTICULATE WHAT IT IS that are advocating.  A previous post from me mentioned that we as Orff teachers need to be able to be articulate in matters relating to “What is Orff Schulwerk.”  We as arts educators need to be articulate in matters relating to “Why arts education.”

I hope this article can help you define your personal answer as to, “Why Arts Education?”

The Arts

(The above link is a link to a pdf file that you can open. If you would like me to send the article in an email let me know by commenting or emailing me at

Read the article and share your thoughts here! I’m interested in opening up a dialogue in this post.  If you don’t want to share an entire opinion maybe you would consider sharing a quote from the article that helps shape your vision of arts education.


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