Valentines Dance

Barbara Schlottfeldt (our wonderful Secretary) loves this game for Valentines Day! If you need the tune you can email me, and I’ll forward your message to Barbara.

**You could also use this opportunity to create your OWN Tune! Something like S,L, SS, M – SSMRDRM, S,L, SS, M, SSMRDDD**

Valentines Dance Silver Burdett Making Music pg 437 Sanna Longden

Heel, toe, on the line,

Will you be my Valentine?  (Will you be a friend of mine?)Partners join hands circle clockwise 4 steps

Heel, toe, on the line,

Maybe Ja! and  maybe Nein! On the word nein partners are back to back

Dance was to be done in partners in a circle but I find it easier to use as a mixer

”Lets find another partner, lets find another partner”


3 responses to “Valentines Dance

  1. The Valentine Dance is found in GRADE ONE of Making Music. Pg 82 CD 14/track 12,13

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