In the Spirit of Jazz

Jerry from writes:

This is an excerpt from a lesson I teach that allows the students to have a jazz experience on the Orff instruments. This excerpt is from my website.

Here is a little fun improvisation lesson that you can use to teach syncopation.

You will be using this MP3 link for a “jam track” :

Feel free to download the MP3. It is a quick track I made with Band-in-a-Box and is free for you to use.

Make sure your speakers are on. 

Chant the rhythm below with your students: sync-o-pa, with the rhythm being an eighth followed by a quarter followed by an eighth tied to a half. Put this rhythm on the board after they have successfully played or chanted it.

Have your Orff instruments set up in C pentatonic. Demonstrate your sync-o-pa on any pitch and have the students echo. Start the MP3, Syncopa, and play a few measures yourself. Let one at a time try playing with the track. 

Options: Play one chorus using a different rhythm pattern, then go back to the syncopa on the next chorus. Play the rhythms of fruit names, apple, peach, watermelon etc. Play the syncopa rhythm as a group, calling out which bars to play. Try an E, D, C pattern for instance, with the syncopa pattern on each bar.

Thanks for sharing! Check out Jerry’s website at


One response to “In the Spirit of Jazz

  1. Marvelous Track! Thank You, Jerry!

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