Monday Funday – GIVE AWAY!

This weeks give away is again thanks to Don at Memphis Musicraft.  Thanks!!

This is a recorder fanatic’s dream! Carol King is a phenomenal arranger of all things recorder.  If you have a recorder group you will be very interested in entering this give away.

To enter just leave a comment of what grade you being teaching recorder in your school!  If you want you can feel free to also share any recorder teaching “tips.”  I’ll draw a random integer from on Friday and announce the winner!!

7 responses to “Monday Funday – GIVE AWAY!

  1. I begin recorder instruction in grade 3 regardless of whether I’m in a K-5, 2-5 or as currently a 2-3 schedule. I engrave the child’s name on his/her instrument & punch holes in the case so they can keep it safely in their 3-ring notebook. I encourage and challenge every child with “handouts” to continue instruction at home and we develop a list of repertoire that becomes an award system by the end of the year.

  2. I teach recorders in grades three, four, and five. We are currently involved in the recorder Karate program, and am also using Mr. Bonner’s new book for recorder.

  3. I teach recorder beginning in fourth grade. My kids favorite recorder activity this year was Elton’s John Crocodile Rock and idea borrowed from Linda Ahlstedt. We added choreography (ie recorder scopes, cabbage patch, scuba, etc.) and played the chorus (B—B A G A E—, B A G A E—-, C B A B A). Guaranteed to make the entire class and yourself laugh!

  4. In past years I started the recorder in the 4th grade but this year I started teaching the recorder in 3rd grade. We do basic recorder things in third grade then graduate up to harder songs in 4th grade. Right now I am working with my 5th graders on composing their own songs on their recorders for an end of the school year project.

  5. Martha Ledbetter

    I always started Recorder instruction the second half of 3rd grade. I found their hands were large enough by then to be able to cover the holes (bores) well. I worked out a rubric for their advancement. That worked well for me.

  6. I always felt 4th grade was an appropriate age to begin recorders, but my school had a tradition of beginning in 3rd grade so I kept that tradition when I was hired. We concentrate on B, A , & G & the 1st 3 Recorder Karate belts for 3rd grade & go on from there in 4th & 5th grades. We also use Artie Almeida’s Recorder Express for other great songs to play.

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