Give Away: Jim Solomon -Body Rondo

Today we are having another Give away! Thanks to Don at Memphis Musicraft for sharing these great resources.

I’m very excited to announce today’s give away.  It’s the book of Body Rondos by Jim Solomon.  This books is AMAZING and has inspired some great musical experiences.  I’ve been using this material since my first year of teaching.  AMAZING!  Today you can enter to win. Tomorrow I will share my process for teaching one of the pieces from this book.  On Thursday you will read about some possible modifications to this lesson that can change it up!

To enter to win please answer this question:

What is your favorite instrument? You know, the one that when you were a kid you always wanted to play.  Mine is a tie between the glockenspiel and the cabasa.


10 responses to “Give Away: Jim Solomon -Body Rondo

  1. I always wanted to play a harp.

  2. Anthony Parris

    I wanted to play piano or guitar.

  3. I always wanted to play the piano. My father used to play for “Betty Ford’s” dance class when he was a young man in Grand Rapids.
    With 5 kids in the family…we never could afford a piano in the home so I didn’t have that home advantage. At school, I’m glad every child can afford a recorder at least… and play to their heart’s desire! 🙂

  4. I always wanted to play the recorder/penny whistle. When I was 5 I saw the marching band and told her I wanted to play the flute in it. I did – and still play to this day. As a kid, there was nothing better.

  5. my favorite instrument for kids (including the biggest kid in the room, me, is the Kazoo. My favorite instrument is any one that can be tied to technology for MIDI uses and digital information.

  6. I have always wanted to play flute and I did!!! My cousin played the flute and that inspired me. Secretly, now I wish to be a concert pianist though.

  7. I always wanted to play the bass. String bass especially. Although I have fiddled around with it while teaching my elementary string orchestra, I haven’t “played” it myself. I’m a flutist…. and a petite person…. I could hide behind a double bass!

  8. Besides the piano, I have always wanted to play a string instrument – especially the guitar or violin.

  9. My favorite is the ‘king’ of instruments, the pipe organ.

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