Processing Alpha IV

Jim Solomon’s book of Body Rondos is a great resource for teachers.  I’ve used it for years! You can enter to win by going to yesterday’s post and answering the question at the bottom of the page. One of my favorites is called “Alpha IV.” This has three sections. A, B, and C. I try to teach each section in entirely different ways.

The A section has 3 measures of the same pattern and something different for measure four. I teach the A section by add-a-measure + rote. I perform measure one and ask the students to echo.  I do it twice, echo twice, etc… Then I added words to the last measure by saying “clap everyone!” ( ta ti-ti- ta rest). Once they get that right I move to another section.

Section B is easily read by traditional rhythmic notation presented to the children on the board/smartboard/chart whatever.  I’ve tried other ways but honestly, reading this is the best.

Section C is great for starting syncopation as the rhythm “synco-pa-ta ta” happens three times in a row.  I add text to teach the rhythm.

The students have a great time performing this!

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