New Octavo and Course from Guest Blogger

Many of you who went to FMEA this year saw Don and Brian present a series of 4 sessions for the general music teachers.  See below for a new Octavo and additional course offerings from Don and Brian.  I will email SFO members the audio file.  If you are not a South Florida Orff member and you would like the audio file just send me an email at and I’ll forward you the message!

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Our very first octavo has been published in the recent Activate Magazine (April/May edition) and we wanted to share the recording in case you wanted to purchase the issue and use it with your students.  The magazine has the piano score and accompaniment without vocals which is a nice option in case you don’t have a piano accompanist.  Thought our music friends would like a listen!!  We’re excited about it and hope you can use it with your students.   To order:  In addition, we have listed below information regarding our summer courses in case you or someone you know may be interested in attending.

Best regards,

Don and Brian

Summer 2010 Course Offerings!

Creating a Thoughtful, Engaging Curriculum (June 28 – July 2, 2010)
The goal of this course is to provide Elementary Music Specialists with the tools and resources they need to develop a curriculum that teaches skills and concepts while maintaining an aesthetic and creative classroom environment.

Orff-Schulwerk Certification Courses (July 6 – 16, 2010)
Level I – Co-taught by Don and Brian Level II – Dr. Robert deFrece

Hofstra Univeristy
Summer Studies for Music Educators
Department of Music
New Academic Building 101B
Hofstra University
160 Hofstra University
Hempstead, NY 11549-1120

For more information please contact
Craig Knapp
Eleanor Geddes

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