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Happy Tuesday Morning! 

I hope you had an enjoyable Spring Break!  This week I would like to focus on sharing some web resources that may be easy for you to use in your class or your lesson preparation.

One of my favorite web resources is. . . 

The San Fransisco Symphony Orchestra has a great kids site.


Check it out! 

  I would really appreciate if you would comment below with some of your favorite web resources!  I’d love to compile a list and post it this week of all of the great resources we all use.

2 responses to “Web Resources

  1. Bethany Merritt

    musicalbulletinboards.com This website has a lot of great ideas for interesting and interactive bulletin boards.

    Here’s a quick and easy idea inspired from there for teaching musical ensemble- solo, duet, trio, quartet, etc. Use animal face plates and group the plates into your ensemble. For example, one peacock = solo, two bears = duet… oh, the possibilities are endless and fun (also super cute!). I created a sign that says “Making Music Together!”

    For my kids, I read the book “Zin Zin Zin, A Violin” by Lloyd Moss, a fun rhyming book that features musical ensembles. Then, after discuss the different terms, we play the musical ensemble game. I call out a ensemble and then the students must form a group with that number of students. Students must be sitting without talking for their ensemble to count. This is a game of elimination. Play a few rounds for practice and then let the real game begin!

  2. Bethany Merritt

    Dear friends 🙂

    I am looking for a welcome song to greet a group of visiting Chinese teachers. Next week and the following week, Cushman is hosting several teachers from China. Today, I was told that it would be lovely for Voices of Cushman, my 2nd-5th grade chorus, to perform for our visitors. Any ideas of a lovely, easy to teach hello song, Chinese or English? Thanks so much!

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