Musical Symbol Game

I want to thank a member, Julie Warren, for sharing this entry.  She originally posted it as a comment Thursday’s idea and I am simply reposting it as an entry because it’s a GREAT idea and I wanted to make sure you all saw it!

Thanks Julie!

I’m always looking for new approaches to the teaching the “basics” in my music classes. As I attended an Orff Workshop I observed a “game” that really caught my eye…something FUN and very instructional indeed. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on the “flexible plastic discs” used in the game so instead I went to the dollar store and bought the 4/$1 plastic/webbed coasters for drinks. I drew the selected MUSIC SYMBOLS on them with black marker, spread them in a large circle and tried out the game! They loved it!!! Everyone stood behind one symbol. They had to name it (or they were out), then everyone SWITCHED PLACES to another spot while one of the discs was “quickly snatched away ” during the change…leaving someone without a place to stand (they ‘re out!). The students name their new “spot” and the game continues in like manner as the circle gets smaller and smaller. I usually stop with the last 2 kids cause the competition gets fierce!


One response to “Musical Symbol Game

  1. I believe the workshop that Julie got the idea for this game was our October Workshop with Laurie Zentz. Thanks again Julie!! 🙂

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