Bird Calls take 2!

I was really enjoying the bird calls that my fourth graders were coming up with. (click here for the link).  They were SO motivated and excited.  I tried it with the inclusion class.  The inclusion class needs twice as much practice manipulating the instrument as the general classes as we are dealing with delayed development and other exceptionalities. 

We had a BLAST! 

As the children were “being birds” they were self-correcting the common recorder problems as well as helping their fellow “birds.”  It was so nice to see them engaged and happily practicing!  (shhh, don’t tell them). 🙂

One student asked if we could play “Birds in the Canopy.”  I didn’t get what they were talking about.  Then the student told me about a common child’s game (indoor recess) called “Ghosts in the Graveyard.” “Ghosts in the graveyard” is played like this. (bear with me- this is important).

1.  A student is the ghost catcher and the other students are the ghosts.

2.  The ghosts are supposed to move stealthily around the room while the ghost catcher is looking the other way.

3.  Students are out if the ghost catcher sees them move.

This game was transformed into “Birds in the Canopy.”  The student said that they were the birds and I was the bird watcher.  It was my job to walk around  the classroom and see if I could find the birds that were calling.  If I saw fingers move they were out.

It was hilarious and the children were able to work on their assigned notes and practice making a pleasant tone.  While I was “watching” I could see/hear who was making the correct tones and who needs additional support.

Perfect for a Friday morning!


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