Freebie Bonanza!! 2/7

The FREEBIE of the day is….

This delightful collection of ostinato songs and cannons can be YOURS if you simply comment to the question below!

“What is your favorite cannon?” “Is there one that you remember from your childhood?”

My favorite cannon was from elementary school.  It was the one I learned in girl scouts about “Make new friends, and keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”  We even had motions that went with it.  It makes me smile to think back to those days.  Maybe I should pull that out for my chorus students this year!

7 responses to “Freebie Bonanza!! 2/7

  1. Kooka-burra Sits on the Old Gum Tree! That’s my memory from the past! 🙂

  2. My sister and I used to practice rounds in Cuba.
    We closed our ears and moved further and further from each other to sing the parts. It was one of our favorite games. We laughed so much when my other little sister will make fun of us trying to find the right key. Life was simple then.

  3. Bethany Merritt

    Viva La Musica. I cannot begin to express how powerful this was at AOSA National Conference with the entire convention in canon.

    One Bottle of Pop- so much fun to sing and perform.

  4. Cincere (Cindy) Fazekas

    Even though this is after the deadline for the freebie, I wanted to submit my favorite cannon, anyway. I’ve always loved the minor sound of “Hey, Ho, Nobody Home” and the harmonies always thrill me when it’s sung in canon. Another canon worth mentioning that I’ve always enjoyed is “Oh, How Lovely Is the Evening”. Love that ding, dong, ding, dong of the ‘bells’ at the end! Students really seem to like it. I also agree with Bethany (above) that “Viva…” sounds awesome when sung acapella by music teachers at a convention!


    I love the mountains…my favorite canon cause I always lived near the beach… This canon collection is great

  6. My favorite cannon is “White Coral Bells”. My mother taught it to us (four siblings) along with many other songs that we would sing on road trips as a family. I have wonderful musical memories!

  7. My favorite round is Viva La Musica by Michael Praetorius.

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