Practicing Musical Elements Using Known Song Material

Oops- I meant to post this list yesterday and yesterday’s list today!  Sorry!

This is the first of a list of helpful jumping off points using songs that your students already know!  This list was given to me when I first started teaching and it was compiled by a few Kodaly teachers.  I hope you find these as helpful as I have found them- especially when I look at material and I’m not quite sure where to start or where else to go.

Ways to practice while singing a song:

  1. Sing and tap the beat.
  2. Sing and clap the rhythm.
  3. Sing, walk beat, clap rhythm.
  4. Sing, walk beat, except clap the rhythm on a certain rhythm.
  5. Sing and clap rhythm; alternately singing :inside” and “outside” ona  signal (inside your head and out loud).
  6. Sing and clap ostinato.
  7. Sing and clap changing ostinato patterns.
  8. Sing, tap rhythm of son in cannon with itself.
  9. Sing, tap rhythm of another song (TRICKY)!
  10. Sing rhythm syllables, tap beat.

There are many more tips coming your way later this week!


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