Games to Practice Musical Elements

Here are some games that can be used to practice musical elements!

Relay Singing:  Sing is passed from one person to the next, each person singing one phrase.

“Flying Notes”: From a tone chart,a  song is “discovered” by teacher or a student pointing to the notes in the particular melodic sequence and in the rhythm of the song.  Students can sing each tone back immediately or wait until the end of the sequence to sing it all.

“Children’s Piano” or “Living Xylophone”:  Each person becomes a tone and takes his/her place in order, high to low, and teacher or a student can “play” this living instrument.  Each person is to be responsible for sounding his tone, or the whole class can sing the tone indicated.

Try these and let me know how they work! I’m looking forward to using these as a review now that the school year is wrapping up.

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