More Games that Practice Musical Elements

Here are two more games that can be used to practice musical concepts or elements.

“Improvisation”: use for structure of a song like “bow wow wow”.  [If you need this song I will be glad to send it to you].  Keep the Rhythm, but have students improvise melodically on the third line only.  All can sing lines 1,2, and 4, but only one person improvises on line 3.  OR: Keeping only the form of the song intact (ABCA), improvise a whole new thing (can only be done rhythmically).

“Rhythm Snake”:  A type of rhythmic improvisation. All keep heartbeat.  each person in turn must clap a 4 beat rhythmic motive, with his first two beats the same as the last two beats of the person before him.  OR: Choose a rhythmic ostinato of 4 beats.  Everyone does a pattern in between each individual’s improvisation.  each individual must make a pattern different from the one that went before.


3 responses to “More Games that Practice Musical Elements

  1. Bethany Merritt

    Another idea for Bow, Wow, Wow-
    In John Feierabend’s “The Book of Beginning Circle Games” he offers of fun game for Bow Wow Wow.

    Children stand in a circle. Every other child turns and faces his or her partner.

    Bow, Wow, Wow- Stamp three times
    Whose dog art thou- Shake finger at each other three times
    Little Tommy Tucker’s dog- Turn in a half circle while holding partner’s hands and arrive in partner’s place
    Bow, wow, wow- Jump to turn half way around on the last wow. Should be facing new partner.

    My kids love the excitement of ending with a new partner. I also recommend this book, it is a great resource filled with lots of great ideas.

  2. I’ve had fun taking two games that I used as just a fun reward and making them have a music education purpose. The first game is Four Corners. Instead of using corner number 1, 2, 3 and 4, I put a different music symbol in each corner, treble clef sign, repeat sign, quarter note etc. For my K kids I use posters of different musical instruments.
    I also used a parachute with different 5 different colors. Students walk around the outside of the chute and when the music stops I draw a color. I’ve changed that and now put a different music symbol on each color of the chute and draw and call out the symbol after the music stops, to put those students out of the game, until we end with a winner. Same games, but in the eye of a principal dropping by it’s a music review, not just a game.

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