Musical Day

Here at my school we are performing our school musical!  In the spirit of performing let’s have some fun . . .

What was your most memorable performance as a student?

What was your most memorable performance as a teacher?

As a student, it was performing in the musical “Godspell.”  We had so much fun!  I loved that show.

As a teacher on show day I’d like to say that hopefully tonight’s performance of “Seussical Jr.” will be the most memorable… **crossing fingers** lol!  But really, my most memorable was conducting the Elementary Honors Chorus on May of 2008. 

I can’t wait to hear your answers! Please comment so we can read and be inspired. 🙂

I’m going out of town from Friday-next Tuesday so the blog will be taking a break.  I’ll be back on Wednesday to announce a winner of the freebie and post another.

3 responses to “Musical Day

  1. Christmas 2007 at Redondo El. The entire PE court was surrounded by the entire student body, faculty and community…At the end of all the grade levels K-5 performing on the court I had arranged for a heliocopter to circle the court and fly around for a minute or two. As I drew everyone’s attention to the copter, I claimed that I saw a red suit in that copter and it must be Santa up there! The whole place went nuts trying to get the copter to land. Then we all had to wave goodbye as the copter slowly flew off toward the north…As everyone turned back in the direction of the school, there was SANTA standing tall ON THE ROOF OF THE SCHOOL!
    It was a magical moment amongst a musical holiday pagent that’ll I’ll always fondly remember 🙂

  2. I come from a very small town in Cuba and every year they had a talent contest. My sister and I entered. She sang a song I wrote and we won.
    As a teacher, my best memory is when I produced and directed Annie at Broadmoor Elementary in the year 2000.

  3. Bethany Merritt

    My Senior year of high school I performed Haydn’s Concerto for Oboe at an Honors Band concert. It was a magical moment. I was in the zone, I didn’t want the piece to end!

    My favorite performance was last year when my Headstart PreK kids performed for Valentine’s Day. This was a wonderful group of students (the class that I always looked forward to). We performed in the library; it was a very intimate venue with just parents, administration, and a few teachers. After their performance, everyone enjoyed juice and cookies. The simpleness just made the event wonderful!

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