Freebie 4/7

The FREEBIE of the week is…

Don and Brian presented at the FMEA conference this year.  They also had a guest post on the blog.  The material in this book is WONDERFUL! If you are new to the orff process then you will want to enter to win this book.  They lay out the process clearly and beautifully.  This is a well written book.


To enter to win…

What is one of your favorite poems for children?

6 responses to “Freebie 4/7

  1. My favorite children’s peomis Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll. (twas brillig and the slithy toves – mmm….good stuff)

  2. Laura Wallace

    My fav is Little Miss Muffet. Last year at my school they did a musical that had that character. The cutest little kindergarten girl was Little Miss Muffet. I would recite the poem to her weekly in violin class!

  3. I am not sure that this counts as a poem or not but I love Eric Carle’s books. They are great to add rhythms to the words and create little songs to go along with the books. I did “The Rooster’s Off To See The World” with my 2nd and 3rd grade a few years ago and they loved adding the instruments and rhythms to the words of the book.


    I love mud!
    I’m absolutely, positively WILD about mud!
    My favorite poem of the moment….

  5. I like all the standard Nursery Rhymes…they are so helpful with language development and set to music offer a lifetime memory. WE need to keep them going in the primary grades…sweet!

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