Happy First Day of School!

Good Morning South Florida Orff,

I hope that this first day of school has gotten off to a great start for you! I also hope that you are refreshed and full of excitement and anticipation for a great year. 

With the start of the school year we music teachers are faced with the sometimes daunting task of remembering ALL the names of ALL of the students in the school!  WHAT a TASK!

The posts for this week will be…


Please comment with your favorite way of remembering the names of all of your students.  I know I could use some fresh ideas… I can’t wait to hear yours!  To comment, simply click the “leave a comment” and follow the directions.  If you don’t want to comment but want to share, just send me an email at mberra@dadeschools.net.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

I got mine from Rick Layton. He taught this to our Level III class.  While it’s not traditionally “orffy” (whatever that means) it works well for older students (5th and up).

I have the students sit in a circle.  I sit with them.  I say my name and my favorite food.  The student next to me says my name and my favorite food, then their name and their favorite food.  The student next the them then says my name/food, the person next to me name/food, and then their name/food.  The game continues until EVERY person has gone.  It takes forever but it really works.   The key is to pay attention to the person next to you- their name is the one that you’ve only heard once.


2 responses to “Happy First Day of School!

  1. I love the one in 2nd grade Share the Music that goes: “Say your name and when you do, we will say it back to you!” The students (and me) love the catchy beat accompaniment. After 8 names, I quickly start the recording (balance adjusted to remove the recorded names on the split-track) over and continue in that fashion until all have spoken their names.
    For older students, we sit in a circle and establish a pat -clap- snap – clap pattern. Each student states, for example, “M, my name is Mary and I like M______. The class echoes. As each student goes, the class cumulatively echoes back to the original student.

  2. I learned this song or rap long time ago.
    Students stand in a circle and I start:
    Hi Hello
    and how do you do
    I like to say hello to you
    from Ms. Gonzalez
    and the next person says their name
    after four or five names we start again
    from Hi Hello…

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