More name games!

Did you see the comments from yesterday’s question? In case you didn’t I’m going to share their comments for today’s post!  I’m also going to use one of these in my next class.  My name game is getting a little old as I’ve already done it 8 times this year… 🙂

Here’s one from Robert Todd:

I  love the one in 2nd grade Share the Music that goes: “Say your name and when you do, we will say it back to you!” The students (and me) love the catchy beat accompaniment. After 8 names, I quickly start the recording (balance adjusted to remove the recorded names on the split-track) over and continue in that fashion until all have spoken their names.
For older students, we sit in a circle and establish a pat -clap- snap – clap pattern. Each student states, for example, “M, my name is Mary and I like M______. The class echoes. As each student goes, the class cumulatively echoes back to the original student.

Robert, thanks for sharing! I’ve seen that and I’ve used it for my younger students.  It might be time to bring it back. You are right- they love it!  If anyone needs the music or the lyrics just send me an email and I’ll be glad to send it to you.  I’d also sing it over the phone! 🙂

Angie Gonzalez shares:

I learned this song or rap long time ago.
Students stand in a circle and I start:
Hi Hello
and how do you do
I like to say hello to you
from Ms. Gonzalez
and the next person says their name
after four or five names we start again
from Hi Hello…

Angie, I like it! Now my wheels are turning and I’m wondering if my fifth grade class would be able to make up their own little rap/chant/rhyme to get us started with something just like that!

Thanks for sharing! You all made MY day easier! 🙂

 Are there any other tricks that our comminuity uses to remember all the names of our students? I’ll be looking for ideas all week! Please comment below or email me at


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