Trick the Teacher!

I learned this name game from Ruth Powell.  She was my mentor teacher in Fairfax County, VA.  She is simply amazing!

This isn’t necessarily “music” but it makes learning names VERY easy!

This game is played assuming you have four or five rows of students on seated.  It can be modified to fit your room.

Students in row one say their name to you, one at a time.  You repeat back their names.  Then you turn around and they can switch places with each other to “trick the teacher.” You then say their names.  Make them  switch seats a few times to really “confuse” you.  Repeat this with another row.  Then repeat it with both rows – switching places (safety first 🙂 ) until you get all the names right.  Add another row, etc.. until you know all students names and they have all switched seats.

It’s really fun for the students to “trick the teacher” and it allows you to memorize names and faces instead of names and seats.


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