Message from our Region Orff Representatives

Happy Monday SFO! I’m sorry I didn’t get to post any messages last week- I was out sick for a few days and then playing “catch-up” when I returned.  Thanks for understanding.

I want to start this week with a message from our AOSA Region Representatives.  This looks amazing! I know that one of our members is attending.  If you are interested I’ll be sure to put you in contact with her.


Dear Orff Chapter Presidents,

Please will you pass this on to your local chapter members.

Summer 2011 marks the 25th year of Orff Schulwerk teacher training at the University of Kentucky. To celebrate the occasion, we will be holding a two-day symposium entitled, ‘Global Connections in Orff Schulwerk: Reflections from Kentucky’ (June 16-17). The symposium will serve as a reflection on the global influences of Orff Schulwerk as well as a platform for discussion between participants on future agendas. It is a place to hear the wisdom of important Orff master teachers such as Jane Frazee, Arvida Steen, Jo Ella Hug, Judy Bond, Ana Lucia Frega, Mary Shamrock, and many more.

Please visit our website for more details

(Registration is limited to the first 50 applicants)

For more information please email Dr. Cecilia Wang (>).
We hope you can join us!


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