A Recycled Cannon

I’ve had a lot of fun looking back through old blog posts and seeing what ideas I can recycle.  I found an old cannon that I love.  I blogged about it on November 5, 2009.

The cannon is sung in solfege.  I will repost a little of the entry but change the lyrics to make it a spring song.


Cannons are a great tools to help your students develop part independence.  Cannons to sing or cannons to play are rewarding for children and sound interesting to children’s ears.  I find that my students think it sounds “harder” or more advanced when they perform something in cannon and they LOVE it!  It feels good to sing and play in cannon.

I came across a cannon online that my students have enjoyed singing.

It’s an old folk tune- (do = quarter note on do, do-do=eighth notes on do, DO=half note on do)

do, re, mi, fa, mi, re, DO,

mi, fa, sol, la, sol, la, MI,

do (rest) do (rest) do (rest) do (rest)

do-do, re-re, mi-mi, fa-fa, mi, re, do (rest).

I teach this using solfege.  I change the key, tempo, articulation, and dynamics to allow the students to hear what a difference little changes make.

Here are the new spring words:

Spring’s my favorite time of year,

Flowers booming far and near,

Birds fly, blue sky,

Warming sunshine makes me smile, I love it so!

Can you create lyrics to this little cannon?  Leave a comment with your own lyrics (you can just do one phrase if you’d like). Or you can simply leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about spring. I’ll use a random integer generator to pick a winner for a small instrument gift (percussion) from West Music on Friday!


2 responses to “A Recycled Cannon

  1. Here are your new lyrics for your canon! Enjoy, Eileen Herzog-Bazin
    FCAT’s coming; get some rest!
    Study hard and do your best!
    Read, Write, Calculate
    Make sure that you get to bed by eight, eight, eight, eight.

  2. Calva Richardson

    Lovely song. Thank you for sharing.

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