Rhythmic Building Blocks: Spring!

One thing I love about the Orff Process is that it offers the teacher a model and the teacher can take that model and change it, play with it, transfer it, and turn it into something that they can use and re-use with enthusiasm.

Take the following idea.  This almost an exact repost of a blog entry that I did back on October 14, 2009.  (If you don’t believe me, click the calendar ———> )   This time I just swapped out the fall, and Halloween words for a more “springy” feel.


Gunild Keetman described the rhythmic pattern of  words as the first “building blocks” in music.  You will learn all about rhythmic building blocks in your Orff Level I course.  Common building blocks in duple meter are:

quarter note, quarter note    or    ta     ta

eight notes, quarter note   or    ti-ti      ta

quarter note, eighth notes or    ta         ti-ti

eight notes, eighth notes   or      ti-ti     ti-ti

half note                                    or      ta-a

I will use the ta, ti-ti-, ta-a for quarter, eighth, and half notes

A fun thing to do with your younger students is to create spring words that match the rhythmic building blocks.  (You can even refine it to flowers, birds, or whatever theme you choose!)  If you’re looking for Spring Words you can click  HERE!

Here are just a few examples:

ta-a- = breeze

ta   ta =  rain-coat

ta   ti-ti = spring clean-ing

ti-ti   ta = daffodil

ti-ti  ti-ti = jump in puddles

You can have your students think of spring things, or types of flowers, or birds and list them.  After the class has listed some examples have them find the “rhythm language” of what they wrote.  You can use this alone for rhythmic practice or use this as an extension for a spring song that you are teaching.  Have the children sing or play a spring song for the A section and do the B section as you wish with voices or small percussion.

Perform ABA and have a beautiful spring song!

What are some of your favorite SPRING words?


2 responses to “Rhythmic Building Blocks: Spring!

  1. Barbara Schlottfeldt

    Our Spring Songs are centered around different kinds of animals… (*My classes are every day for one week so….)
    We did fish week in March including Janes Aquarius with fish puppets.
    April will center on Zoo Animals and Rabbits including Nancy Fergesons Jazz Song ” I saw a rabbit on the road today (Hop hop) (repeat 4xs) Rabbit (Hop hop) On the road (Hop hop) today. progression I I IV I V IV I This has been wonderful for incorperating stories, rhythm activities, movement, games, and creativity moving smoothly from one activity to the next.

  2. Barbara Schlottfeldt

    baby animals, bunnies and puppies and kitties and chicks…you guys can complete the rhyme!

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