Improvisation for a Rainy Day

All of the rain in South Florida lately has prompted me to share one of my favorite rainy day activities.  I do this mostly with my little second graders. 

1.  We all learn the poem “rain, rain,  go away, come again another day!” 

2.  We transfer the rhythm to body percussion (patting with alternate hands).

3.  We quickly notate the rhythm of the poem (sometimes I leave this out).

4.  We sit in a circle.  I give every 4th or 5th child a glockenspiel set in C pentatonic (you can use bells and tell the children to just use the ones that the top).

5.  We say the poem as a group and then the students with the instruments play the poem using whichever notes they like! I maintain a steady drone using a bass metallophone and I often pass the rain stick around the circle to add a little color.

We will also turn the lights off and let the little natural light come through window.  It creates a nice calm environment for both me and the children.

One response to “Improvisation for a Rainy Day

  1. Barbara Schlottfeldt

    Easy idea for tip of the day….A Travel Rondo. Use Michael Roberts Travel Here, Travel There, I can Travel Anywhere, I can travel through this space and I can travel to my Place as A Section. Then put Shenanigans Travel Suite of 7 songs on as B, C, D, sections doing non-locomotive moves with the drums (no sound). Of course I put other songs in which I just happen to have instrumental music to such as La Cucaracha, La Raspa, Lorelei, Limbo Like Me, Hawaiian, African, Brazilian, Chinese etc. The kids have had a blast not knowing where they are going on each trip. They can also do it as a partner game and mirror each others non locomotive moves which has been super creative if you pair the movers with the nonmovers….

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