Travel Rondo

Thanks to Barbara for today’s “Tip of the Day!”

Easy idea for tip of the day….A Travel Rondo. Use Michael Roberts Travel Here, Travel There, I can Travel Anywhere, I can travel through this space and I can travel to my Place as A Section. Then put Shenanigans Travel Suite of 7 songs on as B, C, D, sections doing non-locomotive moves with the drums (no sound). Of course I put other songs in which I just happen to have instrumental music to such as La Cucaracha, La Raspa, Lorelei, Limbo Like Me, Hawaiian, African, Brazilian, Chinese etc. The kids have had a blast not knowing where they are going on each trip. They can also do it as a partner game and mirror each others non locomotive moves which has been super creative if you pair the movers with the nonmovers….

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