Member Guest Post: Michael Di Gregorio

South Florida Orff hosted it’s final workshop of the school year last Saturday.

One of our members shared the coolest lesson!  I loved it and my kids did too.  You must try this ASAP.

Michael writes:  Rhythm Sticks Music Collage Video

I presented this at the April 16th, 2011 Orff Chapter Share (The Cushman School – Miami, FL).  Click on the link at the bottom of this message to view the video on SchoolTube (similar to YouTube but you can access it from your school).  Just project movie from computer onto a white board and play the projected rhythms (with rhythm sticks) along with the music. You can also just play the music from the video and display cards with the rhythms. Feel free to tap sticks together, on the floor, in the air, while marching, (I have students march in place while clicking sticks during the first musical selection) etc. – however you feel like expressing the music. Enjoy!

Michael Di Gregorio

Music Specialist, Meadowbrook Elementary

Michael, this was great!  I used this “as is” for a few of my classes today!  I also used your idea by playing a piece of music and displaying different rhythm cards throughout the piece.  The kids loved it.  Thanks for the inspiration!


One response to “Member Guest Post: Michael Di Gregorio

  1. Hello Michael!

    This is such an awesome video! I was wondering if you could post it to YouTube so that I can access it from our classroom TV that interacts with Google Chrome. Or if you already have, would you mind sending me a link?

    I am a Music Ed student that is trading some child care tuition costs for teaching a music class to a group of eleven 1st-3rd graders and am loving this amazing idea! The kids saw it on my phone today and loved it, too! 🙂


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