In and Out

As I was looking for some new ideas I came across this great game for little ones.  The seed idea comes from The Orff-Shulwerk American Edition (2).

The rhyme is:

In and out, round about, o-u-t and that spells out!

The rhyme is accompanied by a pat, clap pattern.

If I were using this rhyme I would play it as an elimination game.  The students would stand in a circle with their hands out. I would stand in the middle and go from child to child on the beat.  When I got to a child on the final “out” I would make them sit and do the body percussion while I continued the game.  This would go until there is one person standing.

I might also use this as a line-up game, allowing the students to line up when they were out.  They could do the body percussion pattern as they were in line.

How would you use this?  Have you used this before?  Do you have something similar?


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