Basketball Warm-up

Most of us can find easy and fun ways to help our little ones find their head voice.  The challenge lies with helping the older children (especially boys ranging from 3-5 graders) find their head voices.

I found a quick and fun warm-up activity that explores head voice.

 Basketball Warm-up:  This is done with mirroring (Teacher facing Students)

Students stand and face the teacher with knees slightly bent.  Students pretend to bounce a (pretend) basketball with the teacher, breathing a “ha” with each bounce.  When the teacher aims the students aim- as though they are aiming a basketball, then the teacher shoots and the students follow!  While the “ball” arcs through the air the students follow the arc with their voices in a “oo” sound.  The Teacher cuts the students off (using a correct cut off gesture) the students all say “swish!”  It’s a total blast! Change up the length of the “ooo’s” for variety.

It will sound something like this:

ALL:  “ha, ha,  ha, ha, ha”

T: “AIM!” (Students Aim)

T: (shoots) and all make an “oooo” in manner of an arc

ALL: “Swish” as the teacher cuts off.

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