Jim Solomon Workshop!

Thank you to all of you who came out to attend the Jim Solomon Workshop.  What a great group of educators!

Don’t forget to email me your Spanish songs and lesson ideas.  I’ll post all of the responses on Friday and draw a random winner to receive a prize from West Music.

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures!

Thanks for a wonderful workshop!


One response to “Jim Solomon Workshop!

  1. I attended the Jim Solomon workshop and learned about the four chairs approach to teaching rhythmic patterns. I tried the strategies with my ESE students which includes autistic and intellectually disables students. Some of the students have difficulty speaking and writting, so I went completely physical with the lesson. After modeling different rhythm patterns, I had the students make rhythm patterns by directing their classmates to sit in the appropriate chairs. OMG they got it!! I felt so great that it made my weekend. I rewarded myself by going to the beach with my family. For those who are feeling reluctant to attend these Saturday workshops and paying the membership fee, IT IS SO WORTH IT and MORE.

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