Message from our FEMEA District 1 Representative

Hi, Everyone!

Happy New Year!  🙂

I hope that the beginning of your school year is going well.

This is a reminder that starting on Saturday, September 3rd (that’s TOMORROW)  beginning at 9:00 AM you will be able to reserve your hotel rooms for FMEA Conference in January.  I know it was in the Florida Music Director, but I thought a little reminder couldn’t hurt!  It will be tougher to go, but not impossible!  We’re no stranger to tough…how many hours, weeks or months did you work on that last 4 and a half minute solo?  LOL

Attached is a list of the hotels and their information (phone number, price, etc.).  Look for our District I Fall Newsletter from very soon.  Thank you….South Florida Orff…for inviting us to co-sponsor the Jim Solomon workshop last weekend!  WAY too awesome!  If you have anything that you would like your colleagues to (i.e. workshops, celebrations, etc.) please email me back ASAP (reply sender!).

Thanks!  Happy L-O-N-G weekend!

~Lu Anne Leone
FEMEA District I Representative


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