The Value of Music Education

Music Educators know the value of music education.  We witness the power of it in our classrooms daily.  The series of posts this week will offer a glimpse of some powerful research in music educations. 

I got this information directly from this website:

Please stop by their page and explore! They have FAR MORE information available on their site than I can share with you.

From their website:

The basic statement is unlikely to be challenged by anyone involved in education. In the sometimes harsh reality of limited time and funding for instruction, however, the inclusion of the arts in every student’s education can sometimes be relegated to a distant wish rather than an exciting reality.

It doesn’t have to be that way! All that’s needed is a clear message sent to all those who must make the hard choices involved in running a school or school system. The basic message is that music programs in the schools help our kids and communities in real and substantial ways. You can use the following facts about the benefits of music education, based on a growing body of convincing research, to move decision-makers to make the right choices.

The benefits conveyed by music education can be grouped in four categories:

* Success in society

* Success in school

* Success in developing intelligence

* Success in life

When presented with the many and manifest benefits of music education, officials at all levels should universally support a full, balanced, sequential course of music instruction taught by qualified teachers. And every student will have an education in the arts.

I will link the research in the coming days.

Question for the week:  What are your favorite quotes from research in Music Education?

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