It’s time for a freebie!

This week I am giving away a canvas bag donated by West Music.  All you need to do to enter to win is to leave a comment on this post telling me:

1.  Who was your favorite teacher?

2.  What character traits did they display that made them be your favorite teacher?

I’ll start:

My favorite teacher was my 9th grade Honors English Teacher.  She held us to the highest expectations and was the first teacher that truly challenged me.  From her, I learned the importance of expecting the best from students and accepting nothing less from them.  I mentally thank her every day for giving me that lesson.

4 responses to “It’s time for a freebie!

  1. I loved my high school guitar teacher. He saw something in me that I could not see myself. With his support he made me understand that I had to continue my career in music. He’s just an awesome old man now! I am forever grateful, Dr. Kunze!

  2. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Nancy Wright, my college piano instructor. She was much disciplined and was a Master Piano Instructor. At the U of Alabama, she taught me not only to play piano in a more skillful manner, but improved the way I read music scores (rhythms, notes, dynamics). I learned that there were reasons to use certain finger patterns for volume, accent, repeated note patterns, and phrasing. What I think was most important is that she taught me to really love and appreciate Chopin. He is now my favorite composer. I never knew that the skills I learned and mastered 3 days a week with Mrs. Wright would later help me in teaching piano during one to one Music Therapy sessions with a former student, Christian Acosta. Christian was visually impaired, had intellectual disabilities, with autism spectrum disorder. He was a musical savant, but only played with three fingers on each hand. I started music therapy sessions with Christian when he was 7 ½ yrs. old. He learned to play and mastered scales, chords, arpeggios in all keys, and Hanon exercises, as well. He learned to play with all 5 fingers on each hand and became a principle keyboard soloist with the Jazz Band at American Sr. for 6 years. His most accomplished challenge was learning improvisation is different jazz genres. Christian now works at the Goodwill and plays in the “Spirit of Goodwill Band” at the Goodwill Industries, Miami, FL. The band has made a movie called “For Once in My Life”. It is a musical documentary film about a unique group of singers and musicians. It profiles their journey to show the world their unique talents and abilities along with the greatness within each of them. The band members have a variety of mental and physical disabilities, as well as musical abilities that extend into ranges of pure genius. The film explores the struggles and triumphs, and the healing power of music, as the band members’ unique talents are nurtured to challenge the world’s perceptions. For more information about Christian, the movie, and the members of the “Spirit of Goodwill Band”, visit
    Alice Kincey, Music Therapist
    Div. of SPED M-DCPS

  3. My favorite teacher was my Jazz piano teacher, David Hammer. He was extremely patient, had a great sense of humor, and bubbling with knowledge about my favorite instrument. He could always come up with creative ways to present ideas. I aspire to be like him.

  4. Barbara Schlottfeldt

    My Elementary Music Teacher Rita Shuller. She was pretty always smiling and encouraged all her students. Later she trained me for my graduate school audition only charging $30 per hour instead of the going rate of $100 in NY. Ill love her forever….

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