This week I am giving away a canvas bag donated by West Music.  All you need to do to enter to win is to leave a comment on this post telling me:

1.  Who was your favorite teacher?

2.  What character traits did they display that made them be your favorite teacher?

I’ll start:

My favorite teacher was my 9th grade Honors English Teacher.  She held us to the highest expectations and was the first teacher that truly challenged me.  From her, I learned the importance of expecting the best from students and accepting nothing less from them.  I mentally thank her every day for giving me that lesson.

So far there is only ONE entry! Leave a comment on Monday’s post or today’s post and I’ll chose a random winner on Friday morning!


4 responses to “Freebie!

  1. My favorite teacher by far was my 10th grade CHORUS TEACHER, Dorisann Johnson, CORAL GABLES H.S. She was officially my teacher for only one year. She taught at several other Dade County schools as well because of her skill in vocal, band, orchestra, and humanities.
    She gave me enough inspiration in music and her personal witness to last me a life time! She encouraged me as a singer and leader and gave me many opportunities to develop leadership as a musican. We became life long friends and still communicate to this day even though she moved from Miami to SWITZERLAND/& JORDAN She is now 80 yrs old, and still teaching music and english language! I thank God for her influence on my life and profession. Thanks for asking! Sweet memories! …And my goal in teaching as well, life long connections through positive memories:)

  2. I had so many good teachers from 2nd grade on up – it’s hard to choose just one! In high school I had outstanding Speech, Choral, and Drama teachers. However, I spent the most time not only during school, but after school with my drama teacher doing shows from my freshman through my senior year. I remember her telling her 9th graders that she didn’t like freshman! That only inspired me to make her like us. She was tough, intelligent, and a lot of fun! I learned from her that hard work pays off. The best compliment I received was when I directed a one-act play my junior year and the cast told me I was as tough as Mrs. Macey! I don’t think they meant it as a compliment, but I took it as one.

  3. This question has plagued me for a long time. Most people when asked this question can automatically name at least one teacher. I find it difficult to name a teacher who truly had a positive influence on my life. That is one of the things that motivates me to be the best educator and supporter of my young and eager learners. I want them to one day be asked this question and without hesitation be able to say “Mrs. Snowman” because she believed in me and always made music making an awesome experience! I want to leave long lasting wonderful memories with all my students – for as long as I am a teacher – that is my job and privilage!

  4. I fondly remember my 2nd grade teacher, Mrs. Keuhnle. She was a world traveler who would bring back slide shows (remember the slide carousel projectors?) of her travels. She would talk about the many different customs, clothing, food, and music of these “far away lands.” She had such an obvious love of children and I always felt so comfortable and important when I was in her class. (It also didn’t hurt that we got a skittle, lemon head, or M&M as a treat for good scores on our Math tests.)

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