Last Chance: Enter to Win!

Don’t forget to enter to win this week’s prize! So far, there is only ONE entry…

**repost from Monday**

This is a great article.  It’s a little long but it’s worth the read.  This article will resonate with teachers who use the Orff Process.

What are your thoughts on this article? Leave a comment all though this week and I’ll draw a winner on Friday!

One response to “Last Chance: Enter to Win!

  1. I think teaching popular music might work for some students in the upper middle and high school grades. But the little ones need to be exposed to all styles so that they may develop their own criteria and musical taste.
    The reason why there is such poor quality pop music playing on the radio today is because most listeners are not taught how to descriminate and don’t understand what musical elements make bring quality to a song. In other words, if the song has enough hook to remember it for the rest of the day, they’ll enjoy it because it’s familiar, not necessarily because it’s good. 😦
    It’s sad but true. We need to introduce all kinds of music to the little ones so that they may grow up to be music supporters of the less known but highly talented, creative performer.

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