Workshop Thoughts. . .

In the workshop on Saturday, our clinician (Meg Tietz) shared with us what her Level I teacher shared with her.   I’m going to attempt to paraphrase it here as it is worth repeating.

In some cases we (the music teacher) are the only artistic influence on our student’s lives.  It is our responsibility to make sure that what we are doing is beautiful. We need to use beautiful text, beautiful melodies, and beautiful movement.  There is so much ugliness out there- let our time with our students focus on the beautiful.

I hope you all enjoyed the workshop, I know I did.  Thank you for being so open to the creative Orff process and such a great group.  I am certain that we are all better teachers because of the artistry Meg shared with us.

Have a beautiful week!

2 responses to “Workshop Thoughts. . .

  1. SFO,
    Thanks for all the wonderful workshops you are providing for us. Your hard work does not go unnoticed. Meg Tietz’s workshop was truly unique, a source of inspiration.

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