Big Idea 1, Enduring Understanding 1, Thread 1

Yesterday we looked at all of the enduring understandings that fall under big idea 1. Over the course of the week we are going to look closer at the benchmarks that fall under enduring understanding number 1. I’m only posting the elementary threads.  Please go to for a more comprehensive list.  I’ve also copied these so that you can see the thread as it goes from K-5.

Cognition and reflection are required to appreciate, interpret, and create with artistic intent.

MU.K.C.1.1         Respond to music from various sound sources to show awareness of steady beat.

MU.1.C.1.1         Respond to specific, teacher-selected musical characteristics in a song or instrumental piece.

MU.2.C.1.1         Identify appropriate listening skills for learning about musical examples selected by the teacher.

MU.3.C.1.1         Describe listening skills and how they support appreciation of musical works.

MU.4.C.1.1      Develop effective listening strategies and describe how they can support appreciation of musical works.

MU.5.C.1.1         Discuss and apply listening strategies to support appreciation of musical works.

As you can see, this thread deals with how to listen to music.  In the early grades teachers must teach students HOW to listen.  I remember Laurie Zentz saying, “Hearing + Paying Attention = Listening.” We often forget that children need to be taught how to pay attention.  This thread takes the students from responding to steady beat (through movement, perhaps), to responding to teacher selected characteristics.  After students can do these tasks they are able to describe music listening skills and apply them to teacher selected literature.  I find the use of listening maps to be particularly helpful throughout all of these stages.

What are strategies you use to teach these benchmarks?  Are there lessons that you use that might be helpful for other teachers?  Please comment and share your helpful hints!


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